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  FANTASY REALM :  fantasy wallpaper and backgrounds for the very
 coolest desktops and web pages. Add a little something to your favorite JPEG or
GIF collection or let us give you some great reasons for starting one.
Books, books, and more books!
Check out our free e-books by Shakespeare, Dickens,
and others.  We've hunted the web and all the royalty free
CDs we could find, to bring you a great selection of  TOTALLY
free reading material in PDF format, along with a free version of
Adobe* Acrobat Reader, so you can read or print them,
from your own computer

We've searched high and low to grab you some free screesavers and
a few other unusual toys.  Come on in and help yourself to some
diverting toys to help wile away a bit of offline time.

Webmasters unite!  Check out our exellent Webmasters Resourses
and some of cool freebies we've gathered up to help your
page be all that it can be
( or at least resemble the kind of page you always imagined it could be!)